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Club Med also offers opportunities to participate in its development by refinancing existing Club Med resorts and investing
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Our resort criteria

Seaside Resorts



A well-preserved, upscale setting with direct, exclusive access to the beach (400 m minimum).


15 ha with roughly 50,000 m² in constructible land OR for existing resorts, a minimum capacity of 900 beds (˜350 rooms).


A long open period lasting at least 9 months per year.


A safe location within a maximum of 2 hours of an international airport.


A location with a significant cultural heritage and the option of offering water sports such as sailing, water skiing and scuba diving.

Ski Resorts



A renowned, upscale ski area with direct access to the slopes (ski-in / ski-out).


5 ha with roughly 30,000 m² in constructible land OR for existing resorts, a minimum capacity of 900 beds (˜350 rooms).


A long ski season with the option of staying open during the summer.


A location within a maximum of 2 hours of an international airport or a high-speed train station.


A lively ski resort with potential for both winter & summer activities such as skiing, hiking and golf.

A closer look at Club Med villages

An all-inclusive resort…

An all-inclusive resort…

The Club Med experience is all an all-inclusive experience. That means we offer our clients many options when it comes to dining, entertainment and activities. We bring their dream holidays to life.

An all-inclusive resort…

Designed to be casual and chic

We create and operate upscale resorts that are designed to give visitors the perfect Club Med experience while allowing them to enjoy the site’s unique attractions.

	Our GO team offers top-notch services

Our GO team offers top-notch services

Our experienced, international GO Teams are ready to train local staff to meet all of Club Med’s upscale standards.

Our expertise : management agreements

Club Med

The 3 pillars of our unique opportunities for investors


Management contracts

Club Med is the exclusive operator and manager of the village.

The village is run by Club Med’s experienced, international staff according to high operational standards.


Sales & Marketing agreements

Club Med has the exclusive right to market, advertise, promote and sell the village.

Club Med’s commercial and marketing expertise ensures high occupancy from day one.


Consulting agreements

Club Med offers consulting services on construction and furnishing projects.

Club Med's experts work with you at every stage of the construction and development of your site to create a unique and beautiful resort.

Our commitment: sustainable development

Creating a positive impact on people and the environment

Our commitment: sustainable development

Club Med actively contributes to local development

Club Med villages are designed to benefit the entire community. Thanks to our respect for our host countries and our commitment to them, we have established a harmonious, well-integrated presence in a wide range of locations, each with their different cultures.

  • Respecting local cultures and people
  • Contributing to communities by hiring locals
  • Contributing to communities by buying locally
  • Contributing to communities by sharing skills
  • Going above and beyond: solidarity with local communities.
Our commitment: sustainable development

Club Med’s environmental policy

Our environmental policy is based on the following principles:

  • Green building
  • Environmental management, including Green Globe certification for our villages.