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“The purpose of life is to be happy...The time to be happy is now... and the place to be happy is here”

Gérard Blitz, Founder of Club Med

A strong brand

A closer look at what makes Club Med special

The Club Med Spirit

Atmosphere and friendliness have been key values at Club Med for over 70 years: it’s the Club Med Spirit that makes its vacations so exceptional. The Club Med experience is the opportunity to come together in a place where well-being, pleasure and choice prevail. It is a social, festive and rewarding experience to rediscover the joys of togetherness.

A unique concept

Club Med’s all-inclusive concept offers its GM® the pleasure of a carefree vacation where they enjoy every aspect without worrying about a thing. At Club Med, all-inclusive means staying at an exceptional site in upscale accommodation with a full board including meals & drinks, a wide range of sports and activities, and premium childcare for all ages. This formula is constantly being nurtured to meet customers’ expectations and offering them the opportunity to personalize their vacations.

An international footprint

Our philosophy travels the world as we open resorts in the most beautiful places on earth. Today, the company operates in 40 countries around the world through its sales and marketing activities and the operation of its 70 villages.
Thanks to the strength of its premium all-inclusive concept and its strong brand identity, Club Med welcomed more than 1,3 million clients worldwide in 2022.

A unique dual competence

Tour operator

Pioneer & trendsetter with a global, loyal clientele to our many destinations.

Resort Manager

More than 70 years of experience in managing all inclusive resorts worldwide.

A complete value proposition

Driven by Club Med’s sales & marketing expertise

The only operator able to quickly generate traffic, even to remote destinations, thanks to:

  • An affluent, loyal & global client base
  • An international brand with fully integrated marketing & communication channels
73% - Direct sales (Club Med agencies, website, call centers)
27% - Selected travel agencies


What a Club Med resort truly is

An all-inclusive resort

Club Med’s all inclusive experience answers to every need to offer perfect holidays with entertainment, restaurants, sports… for a complete escape from everyday life.

An informal and chic atmosphere

We create and operate upscale resorts, specifically designed to integrate Club Med experience with the authenticity of the site.


The best service by our GO-GE Team

Our staff are the best ambassadors of the Club Med spirit. In addition to their professionalism and know how, they add a way of being by creating true bonds with the clients. They are the key factor of the loyalty of the Club Med brand.

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